Factors That Contribute to Increased Safety on Construction Sites

Historically, construction work has been listed as one of the most dangerous professions based on the number of injuries or fatalities. These figures are derived from a percentage of the total number of people working in an industry as compared to the number of injuries and fatalities that happen among the population working in that industry. Throughout the past several years, these percentages have been dropping as several factors have contributed to increased safety on construction sites.

Increased awareness and training of construction employees and management

The falling percentages can be attributed to several factors, one of which is an increased awareness of proper safety guidelines and practices. These policies are monitored by OSHA and construction companies not following the federal, state and local requirements risk fines or suspension.

Better equipment used and available for use on construction sites

Having safer equipment helps reduce the risk of injury. Out of date, poorly maintained, or faulty equipment is increasingly rare on modern and professional construction sites. However, there remain companies working without licenses or those who do not use proper equipment. Homeowners should always check the credentials of any company doing work on their home if they feel suspicious of the quality of the company or their work.

Ladders and scaffolding are two of the most risky pieces of equipment on construction sites. Proper fall protection is critical from heights as well as scaffolds or ladders.

Better training of employees on construction sites

Construction workers who are properly trained are skilled professionals on a career path. This training translates into fewer careless accidents. While even the most trained individuals can have accidents, the likelihood of these happening with proper training decreases. Employees of construction companies should insist on proper training and certification from their employers.