A Look Into Different Pile Testing Methods

Are you looking for a reputable foundation engineering company for your foundation repair, maintenance and construction? Foundations are critical parts of a building, which is why highly experienced foundation engineers should handle them. Foundation repair requires a company that has a top-notch foundation testing technology at its disposal. A company that specializes in pile testing is essential for maintaining and repairing damaged foundations.

When you hire an experienced pile testing professionals, you are assured of long-term results since experienced foundation and pile testing experts use dynamic response approaches of foundation engineering.

How Pile Testing is done

The expert oscillates the pile head to help identify the potential disjoint that could be affecting your foundation. Through pile oscillation, the expert will identify foundation cracks, existing voids and potential errors in cross sectional area. The expert will also perform tests to determine if the pile toe seat can potentially damage the foundation. A foundation engineering expert will identify the exact point along the pile where there is potential discontinuity. Before retesting, the engineer may need to rectify the disjointed foundation shafts.

There are different methods of pile testing that may be applied by foundation engineering experts to test the integrity of a foundation. Here is an insight into the three major testing methods that you may expect from foundation engineering experts.

Static Pile Load Testing

Here, a foundation repair service may offer tension and compression pile load testing with the help of specialized technologies. Static load tests are performed to help evaluate the performance of the test pile. This is done by subjecting the test pile to a specified load. The professional with foundation engineering knowledge may also want to determine the actual working load during this process.

Dynamic Load Pile Testing

This is done by striking the piles using a hammer and noting the magnitude of the forces and motions around the pile head. The resultant dynamic behavior can be noticed from the dynamic measurements. Dynamic load testing can be applied to a wide range of piles. The only downside of this method is the limitation of the mass of the strike that can be moved to the site.

Pile Integration Testing Method

It is the commonly used method because it is a non-destructive and versatile approach. It is the best method when testing cat-in-place concrete foundation. It is the least expensive, fast and accurate method it is preferred because it can be used to perform pile tests on multiple piles at the same time.