Essential Safety Tips on Construction Sites

Working on a construction site is filled with fun and danger. A worker on a building site needs to constantly deal with heavy tools and machinery, which if not handled carefully can result in serious injuries. Given below are few industrial safety tips which will ensure protection on construction sites.

Check equipment regularly

For ensuring security of workers, it is essential to regularly check machines and equipment used on the site. The machines should not be altered without the notice of the site engineer. Staff operating cranes and other heavy machines should be trained properly. If any flaw is detected in any machine, its operation should be immediately stopped.

Proper installation of electric grids

Electric grids must be installed properly at building sites to prevent any mishap. If any grid malfunctions, then one should immediately switch off the main switch. If a grid gets damaged, then it’s essential to get it fixed from professionals.

Usage of ergonomically correct tools

Poorly designed tools can cause serious injuries to workers. Hence, it is extremely important to use ergonomically correct tools. High-power tools can cause problems with excessive noise and vibration. Employers must make sure that they choose tools which have lower vibration and a long trigger. While selecting hand tools, safety coordinators must go for those that need less force to use. Hand tools should not be made up of materials that are good conductors of heat and electricity.

Proper storage of materials

It is vital that all materials on a construction site are stored properly. Flammable and other hazardous materials should be stored separately and only authorized staff should have access to these stuff.

Usage of ear muffs & breathing masks

Combination of dust and noise is quite fatal for those who are constantly exposed to it. While dust causes lung problems, prolonged exposure to loud noise can badly damage ear drums. Hence, workers must use proper safety equipment like ear muffs and breathing masks while working at industrial sites. Apart from these, it’s essential to give hard hats, safety goggles and boots to all employees.

Proper navigation of vehicles through spotters

Vehicles pose a great threat to everybody present on a construction site. Heavy vehicles can run over workers and pedestrians, especially in areas where visibility is low. Hence, it is important to navigate vehicles through spotters. Drivers should also be careful while hauling heavy loads.

Monitoring the weather beforehand

Before commencing work, it’s essential for the engineer to check the weather condition of the site. There are many locations which are vulnerable to hurricanes and tornadoes. In such a scenario, it is crucial that the site is properly braced to tackle such situations.

Proper signage

Signage is a vital feature of a safe site. To protect the team and general visitors, it’s essential to put proper signage at key points. Not only it ensures safety, but also defends the concerned person/company against liability claims during any untoward incident.